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ASC – Covid-19 arrangements

WE ARE AT STAGE 3 OF OUR PLANS (effective from 4th July 2020

 Revised on 21st September 2020)

IMPORTANT – You need to record that you are on site

To support the NHS Test and Trace we are required by Law to ensure anyone attending site is recorded. As we do not have staff on site, we are relying on members to record that they are on site themselves. We are therefore making it a requirement for members to record attendance as a condition of accessing the site.

We need to provide you two options:

Option 1. Use the Text service – This is our preferred option as it is easier for us to monitor, and comply with the law, without having staff on site.

You should text 07864 124 047 and provide the following information.

  • Your name (First and Surname)
  • The total number of people in your party
  • Arrival time
  • Anticipated departure time

When texting please ensure you provide clear names and information. An example of an acceptable text is: Ian White plus 3 10:30 17:00

The information you provide is kept for 21 days and then deleted.

Option 2. Use the NHS Covid-19 App and QR code – We are required by Law to offer this option. If you choose to use this, you may be asked to confirm that you have done so.

From Thursday 24th September you can scan the Test and Trace QR code that will be displayed at the club. You can do this using the NHS Covid-19 App which we understand is available to download.

If there is an outbreak associated with our club, a message will be sent to the relevant app users with the necessary public health advice.

You do not need to do both options but, as we are required to make reasonable checks that people using the App have done so, we may need to ask you to confirm. This is why our preferred option is for all members to use the Text number.

Please ensure that you record that you are on site every time you visit (Including any stays for camping) as this will help us all stay safe and ensure that the Club is abiding by the law.

Club plans for reopening

We have developed a 5-stage plan for a phased reopening, however, this will be kept under review and adapted as guidance develops and based on our own experience of implementation.

0 – Site Closed

1 – Access to site only

2 – Independent recreational sailing (including canoes, SUP etc) only

3 – Introduction of some limited organised racing and training

4 – Club in full operation, including social events, but with necessary restrictions to meet Government and RYA guidance.

5 – Club fully operational without restriction and visitors allowed

Within each stage we have identified 9 key club activities. Each has been given by a RAG (Red/Amber/Green) status to identify whether that activity is Closed, Partially open with restrictions or Fully open. A copy of the 5-stage plan is on the website.

The Committee will make the decision to move from one stage to the next based on Government and RYA advice and our own ability to implement required safety measures.

You should not visit site if you or a member of your household unit are self-isolating due to Coronavirus symptoms.

A minimum of 1m safe distancing must always be observed and 2m wherever possible, unless within the same household unit or bubble.

This is not a return to normal activity and things will still feel different. More guidance for recreational boaters can be found on the RYA website.

Social Activities on site

We are still unable to undertake organised social activities as a club.

When on site members visit as individuals or within household units. You may arrange to meet on site with members from other households only in accordance with the limits set out in the Law as follows:

“From Monday 14 September, when meeting friends and family you do not live with (or have formed a support bubble with) you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors.”

Full details can be found here:

*Please note that the clubhouse remains closed for any social activities.

We currently have a no-visitor policy whilst we have these Covid special measures. If you have a single membership but live with a partner/family, it is acceptable for them to visit with you, but no other family members or friends should be brought to site. If someone is interested in joining, then you can give them a brief escorted tour.

Recreational Sailing, or any other water-based activity

Members are advised to consider the following:

  • You access the water at your own risk. You should therefore consider the points below when deciding if you or your family should go out on the water.
  • Buoyancy aids should be worn at all time on the water and pontoons. Please bring your own as Club buoyancy aids are not currently available for use.
  • There is no safety boat cover for recreational sailing so if you are not confident without back-up then do not go out on the water.
  • Multi handed dinghy and cruiser sailing from different households is allowed. Participants must assess their own risk and follow RYA guidance
  • Avoid sailing at the club alone. If you are not with other family members, then decide to sail with a buddy. Remember that 1m minimum, and 2m where possible, social distancing still applies.
  • Sailors should be competent and able to deal with the weather and river conditions without assistance.
  • Consider the wind and river conditions and do not go out if it is close to your upper comfort level. Check the weather and river conditions before you go.
  • Sail upstream so that if the wind drops you can still get back to the club.
  • If you can, reef or drop a rig size earlier than you would normally do so. This will reduce the risk to you and the risk of equipment failure whilst on the water.
  • Attach a long painter to your boat (min 5m suggested). This will make recovery easier if required.
  • Consider the use of a mast float as this will help prevent the boat inverting and the head of the mast becoming stuck in the soft riverbed, particularly when the river is low. This link gives an example.

Use of Club boats

Club Toppers & Teras can be borrowed by members for the Assisted Sailing sessions only. Please follow the Assisted Sailing instructions for details of how to arrange.

Club Visions and Lasers can be used on a Sunday for racing or recreational sailing. They are allocated on a first-come first-served basis to a single crew for the day by the OOD. They are not available for use on any other days.

Safety boats will be on the water for racing and Assisted Sailing sessions. Use of the boats is managed by the OOD or the Assisted Sailing session organiser. Boats can only be used by one crew per day. Do not use a boat without speaking to the OOD / organiser.

If you are asked to assist with safety boat cover you will be given a briefing on the special Covid-19 arrangements.


Cruisers may be put on their moorings. It is recommended that owners review the guidance provided by the Canal & River Trust regarding usage.

Around the site

Normal arrangements apply of leaving the site gate open on busy days, normally a Sunday. This will help reduce the number of people that need to touch the gate. If the site is quiet, and you are not able to keep an eye on the entrance, then please keep the gate closed; and locked if you are leaving the site unattended. It is good practice to bring hand sanitizer with you to use before and after handling the gate.

Min of 1m distancing must be observed, and 2m where possible around the site, including on the slipway and pontoons and when launching and recovering.

Do not land on the slipway if another boat is already being recovered or launched. However, priority should be given to those coming off the water. Please do not hang around on the slipway.

People leaving the pontoon have priority over those gaining access.

The changing rooms are closed. Sailors should either arrive and leave in their sailing kit or change discretely in the car park.

The hand mowers are under the OD box and available for members to use to maintain their boat park slot. There is a sanitizing station with the mowers and all touch point should be cleaned before and after use. Keys to the mowers will be behind the entrance door, next to the fire extinguisher, to enable easy access. Please use the hand sanitizer before handling the keys.


Access to the toilets

Access to the clubhouse is for toilet facilities only. The following control measures are in place.

  • The clubhouse door should be left open unless the site is quiet, and no one is around the clubhouse.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer on entering the clubhouse.
  • Toilets are limited to one person in each of the male & female toilet areas at any one time. (or more than one if of the same household unit). Children under 12 must be supervised.
  • Door to toilets should be closed when toilets are in use and opened again when leaving to indicate they are available. (If in doubt call into toilets from the clubhouse)
  • If someone is already waiting in the Clubhouse to use the toilet other people should wait a minimum of 2m apart.
  • Thorough hand washing is a must following signs by the sinks.
  • To help protect the next person to use the toilets please use the cleaning spray and a paper towel to wipe any areas touched.
  • Showers and changing rooms are not to be used.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer when you exit the building

There will be signage in the clubhouse to remind you of these measures.

Do you have kit in the clubhouse?

If you have any personal kit in the clubhouse, including sails, tools or items in a locker, you may access the clubhouse to retrieve them, but they should then be taken home or stored with your boat. Please do not return them to the clubhouse to help reduce the risk for all.


The site is opening to camping from Monday 17th August 2020.

Please note that there are key differences to normal camping arrangements. Full details are available from the Andrew, our Rear Commodore Site. Some key things to note:

  • Pitches will be limited to 15 – Pre booking will be required, including by those with permanent caravans who wish to stay in it overnight.
  • Campers are encouraged to be self-contained and use their own facilities, however, there will be access to the toilets in the Clubhouse if required.
  • There is no access to the showers or the toilet areas for personal washing / cleaning teeth etc.
  • By camping you will be signing up to be allocated enhanced cleaning duties for the toilets.
  • The camper fridges are not available, and the Clubhouse remains closed.
  • Camping is strictly within individual households. Social gatherings on site are only allowed in accordance with the Government guidelines set out in the ‘Social activities on site’ section of this document.

The Bar

You can get a drink from the bar. It will be a serviced bar only (i.e. Strictly no self-service) with all drinks to be consumed outside. You are able to come into the Clubhouse, when the bar is open, to collect your drinks but please do not hang around inside. 2m distance should be maintained if you are waiting for drinks.


If you are someone who has a key to the bar please do not use it unless you have been asked by Dickie, our Rear Commodore House, to be the Bar Manager for the day. It is very important that access to the bar is restricted so that we can manage cleaning.


The bar is likely to be open most Sunday afternoons, subject to availability of a Bar Manager and the weather making it worthwhile.


We will be encouraging everyone to pay using the tab system and you will be advised of your balance at the appropriate time so that you can settle on-line. The Bar Manager will fill the tab out for you.



Racing is taking place on a Sunday with 2 races per day. Spaces are limited to 20 boats per race on a first come first served basis.


If you are interested in racing, then please read the ‘Covid-19 Temporary Race Instructions’. Please read the instructions carefully as you will need to comply will them to take part.


Assisted Sailing

Assisted sailing sessions will take place on some Saturdays for those that would like to get back on the water but do not feel confident without a safety boat. These sessions are suitable for any age but not for complete beginners who have not sailed before.


Spaces will be limited to 20 boats and dates will be advertised on the Club Facebook page.


If you are interested in Assisted sailing, then please read the ‘Covid-19 Temporary Assisted Sailing Instructions’. Please read the instructions carefully as you will need to comply will them to take part.


Be considerate and conservative

The RYA encourage us all to be:

  • considerate – mindful of potential impact that we may have on others
  • conservative – Help to minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to boating

We have considered these two principles when developing our plans for sailing and we would ask that you do the same when considering your boating activities.

If you have any questions, please speak to the Commodore or Vice Commodore.

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